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Increase your conversion rate with Google Remarketing

Here is a very common scenario: you do a generic search for a type of service or product by visiting the first company that shows up on the search results, you then spend some time on the company’s website and get distracted by another task that requires your attention, You close that browser and attend to the rest of your day.

The next time you log onto your computer, you notice that every site you visit seems to be advertising products and services from the site you had previously looked at. The reason that the advertising appears on your sites is because of Google Remarketing. Google Remarketing is a powerful tool located on the google adwords platform.

Google Remarketing gives advertisers such as yourself the ability to show banner ads to people who have previously been on your website. It is a second chance for businesses to win over folks who previously landed on your website but for one reason or another did not take the action hoped for, like for example purchase a product or service or sign up to be on an email list.

In this post we are going to look at some basic steps required to setup a Remarketing campaign.

Step 1 Adjust Privacy Policy

Google is very strict about advertisers using Remarketing having a clearly worded privacy policy and having a clear policy around use of cookies, so it would be very beneficial to update your sites privacy policy to match Google standards. For a referral of information to include on you privacy policy please visit

Step 2: Generate Code

Log into Google Adwords account and navigate to shared library under campaigns, then under “ads” select “audiences” then click the red + Remarketing list button. The system will automatically generate a support code to be added to all the pages of your website. If your company’s website is fairly large, it is recommended to get help from the webmaster to add Remarketing to your site.

Step 3: Create a Remarketing Audience

A Remarketing audience is a list of people who meet a certain criteria previously selected according to certain specifications. The Google Remarketing system will automatically ask you to name the list and provide specifications on who to add on to the list. Some basic specifications could be as broad as everyone who visits your company’s site, or anyone who completed a desired action for example price shoppers: these are people who visited the product page of the site and left the website, the people would then be added to a list. You may provide the URL to the sites thank you page to allow the list of people to be added on the Remarketing list.

Step 4: Determine How Long To Keep People On Your List

How long to keep people on the google Remarketing list is very important to consider. The idea is to keep people long enough to take the desired action, but not so long as to become a nuisance. 60 days is a good enough time to accomplish that objective.

In the next blogpost,we will learn how to set up an actual remarketing campaign and create a Remarketing ad.


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