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3 Elements of A Successful Facebook Ad

Although Facebook, at any given time has about 2 billion active users ready and willing to connect with your content, it is not always easy to find messaging that might appeal to the audience you need to reach.

For a small business owner, simply posting your content on your Facebook page is not enough to attract new customers. Remember, most people do not go to their social media pages to buy stuff. Yes, they might click on a very, very awesome offer, but generally, most folks are there to just hang out.

A tried and tested method to increase awareness on Facebook is to create Targeted Facebook Ads. These kinds of ads will help you reach just the "right" kind of people you need to see your product offerings. Yes, you will spend some money on these types of ads, but it will be worth it.

So what are the key components of a successful Facebook ad? Well, in this post I will show you some of the attributes that make an optimized Facebook Ad more likely to make the desired impact.

1) It's relevant

Seems pretty obvious, but for your Facebook ads to be successful, you first need to find the “right” audience for your messaging. You want to use your internal customer profile(s) and analytics, along with Facebook’s advanced audience-building tools to find the kinds of folks who will be most likely to click on your ads and ultimately buy whatever you are selling. So you want to apply the relevant geographic, behavioral, etc. Targeting.

Facebook allows you to access their tons of user data to help surgically target the absolute relevant audience. You can choose to combine user interests, with occupations, and pages liked. So for example, you can reach folks who live in say, Charlotte, NC, who work at Bank Of America and also like the Hornets. Assuming you are selling Bank Of America, Hornet Koozies.

2) It's Sleek and visually appealing

Truth is, Facebook's ad algorithm is designed to show preference of Visual ads over all other types of ads. Simply put, the more beautiful your ad is, the better chance it has at being served up alongside other Facebook Content and on Instagram. So you Can see why it is super important to create ads that are visually pleasing.

This part gets difficult if you are not the "creative type". I recommend registering for an account with Canva. They provide some very easy-to-use tools to help build nice-looking ads for Facebook.

3) It has a simple call-to-action

A simple, clear Call-to-action ( CTA) is essential for your ad to gain the required traction. I mean, a beautiful and relevant ad is great but without a precise CTA, your ad might leave the viewer confused and not knowing what to do next.
Add a simple CTA like "Download free whitepaper" or " Request for info". Be sure to always offer some sort of promotion or discount when advertising on Facebook. Remember, these guys are not on the site looking to buy anything, therefore you will have to go the extra mile to grab their attention.

Examples of Successful Facebook Ads

Looking for inspiration? Below are a few examples of historically successful Facebook ads. These ads reached the maximum number of people accomplishing what the brands set out to do.



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