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TIDAL Ends Direct Artist Payout Program to Support Emerging Artists.

Music streaming service TIDAL has announced that it will be ending its "direct artist payout" program in order to invest more resources into promoting emerging artists.

The direct artist payout program was launched by TIDAL in 2015 as a way to allow artists to directly distribute their music on the platform and receive a higher percentage of revenue compared to traditional music distribution channels.

However, the program has not been widely used by artists, and TIDAL has decided to shift its focus to promoting emerging talent instead.

In a statement, TIDAL CEO Richard Sanders said, "Our mission at TIDAL has always been to support and promote artists, and we believe that the best way to do that now is to invest more resources into discovering and promoting emerging talent. While the direct artist payout program was a great idea in theory, it hasn't been as effective as we hoped in practice. We believe that by focusing our efforts on emerging artists, we can make a bigger impact on the music industry and support the next generation of great musicians."

TIDAL has already begun investing in emerging artists through initiatives like its "Rising" program, which showcases up-and-coming talent across various genres. The company has also partnered with organizations like the Equal Justice Initiative and the National Urban League to promote social justice and support artists from underrepresented communities.

While the direct artist payout program may be coming to an end, TIDAL remains committed to supporting artists and providing a platform for their music to be heard. By investing in emerging talent, TIDAL is helping to create a more diverse and vibrant music industry for everyone.


TIDAL is a music streaming service that was launched in 2014 by Norwegian company Aspiro. It differentiates itself from competitors like Spotify and Apple Music by offering high-fidelity audio quality and exclusive content from artists. The service has partnerships with major record labels and has also made efforts to support independent artists.

In addition to its music streaming offerings, TIDAL has expanded into the podcasting space, offering a range of original podcasts and exclusive content from popular podcasters. In recent years, TIDAL has also made a commitment to social justice and has partnered with organizations like the Equal Justice Initiative and the National Urban League to promote social change.



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