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5 Easy Steps to Finding leads

Bernice N

Account Executive

Dear Valued Customer, below are  5 easy steps to help you find sales  leads.

1. Make State selection first

Use Drop-down menu to initially choose which state you would like to search in.

2. Allow to load

Allow to load, which could take a minute or two, depending on the speed of your network.

Note: If you, initially get "0" results, try clicking "Update" Once More to get the full database of leads.

3. Other Filters

Proceed to selecting other filters. Click "Update" after each filter selection for an updated count.  You can click "Reset Filters" to start your search over

4. View Prospects

Click "View Prospects" and allow new leads to load. This may take a few seconds.

5. Download Leads

Click "Download" to download Leads in Excel Spreadsheet. 

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