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Power your research with Salesfully

Just the right cloud-based data platform you need to power your education-based activities.

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Join the hundreds of financial services firms currently using Salesfully

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Dynamic tools and resources at your fingertips

Students can access a set of robust tools, and features built to allow them to explore various consumer and business data sets. Hundreds of colleges and other learning institutions depend on our data to help meet their various needs.

Accurate data to power your recruiting efforts

Salesfully is an all-in-one data discovery platform. Use or cloud-based app to 10x your recuiting and enrollment camoaigns. Plan and execute a truly data-driven recruiting strategy

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A dynamic platform to help power all your learning-based activites. Get more out of your data today.

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About our data

Our platform is buit on quality data sourced from both public and non-public channels. With over 200 million consumer and business data and dozens of data points, you are sure to find the data you need to build your next marketing campaign

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Data uses

Data sourced from our platform is ideal when engaging in direct marketing. Our users find our platform to be most helpful when executing telemarketing campaigns, mailers, business-to-business email campaigns, and so on.

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Whether you have a question about our service or require assistance in using your account, we are here to provide support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Contact us anytime. 

Why choose Salesfully?

Learn why thousands of small businesses all around the world use our platform

  • What exactly is Salesfully?
    Salesfully is an all-in-one marketing data platform. In essence, our system provides small business owners and mareting teams with the tools needed to access quality detailed data on over 250 million U.S businesses and consumer households.
  • How can Salesfully help my business?
    Whether your market your services to business or consumers, you can access the data on said businesses and/or consumers through our system. This data, also known as sales leads can help serve as the foundation of any direct marketing campaign you plan and execute:
  • Can I export my sales leads to use in other programs?
    Yes! As a premium user, you will be able to search for, and export ( in excel format) all sales leads to use in other applications like a contact management system, direct mail platforms, etc.
  • How many leads can I download at a time?
    Our system allows you to export unlimited sales leads for just one flat monthly rate. There are no extra costs to download your leads.
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