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6 Ways To Grow Your Email Mailing List Fast

While opt-ins and sign-ups through your website will steadily grow your email list, there are alternative off-site methods that will help accelerate your list’s growth rate.

1. Rent Email lists

When you rent an email list, you are paying the list owner a set or negotiated fee to email their list subscribers on your behalf. Be sure to select quality list owners from the wide range of providers available . List rentals may be listed as “dedicated email sends” or “solo ads”; sort through them for quality, qualified lists in your industry or field. Only work with reputable mailing lists owners and when possible, use an agency that works with advertisers with your industry.

Email lists are are usually sold at cost per thousand (CPM). The cost ranges from $10-$20 for lower end industry categories and $50 or more for higher -end categories.

2. Run a Contest

Choose a product or service that is perceived as highly valued that you can offer as a prize in a giveaway or a contest. Smartphones, tickets, trips, dinners are examples. Make it a requirement that each contestant signs up on your email list in order to enter the contest. Promote your contest on your site, through out your social media networks and through all your available marketing channels. Encourage friends and followers to share the contest as much as possible.

3. Place QR Codes in Print Marketing

Add a QR code in your print marketing material. When scanned into smartphones, the code will direct users to a landing page on your site where they can option to your mailing list. Remember, make your landing page mobile-friendly. Create a QR code for free by using a free code generator( such as

4. Add a Facebook Page Call-To-Action

Insert a call-to-action button in the header of your company’s Facebook business page by clicking the “Create Call To Action” button in your page’s header. Follow through and choose “sign up from the list of button texts suggested; then provide the URL that will link the user to the opt-in landing on your site.

5. Add a Facebook Page Call-To-Action

Add calls to action and hyperlinks to your videos, as well as insert hyperlinks in your annotations and video descriptions that link viewers to your opt-in landing page.

6. Set Up Google Adwords

Google Adwords will drive traffic to your opt-in landing pages. Present a lead offer or another “reward” for a subscriber opt-in. The google conversion tracking pixel is a terrific identifier for those keywords for those keywords and ads responsible for your opt-ins

Using any of these methods, or using them in combinations will increase opt-in rates on websites independent of existing website traffic.


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