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Top 5 predictive dialers

A big part of every salesperson’s daily business activities is making phone calls to prospective customers. How big a part of your day talking on the phone is really depends on what kinds of products or services you offer and/or how you communicate with your prospects. The truth is, most sales presentations or deal closings starts with a phone call. If you do a bunch of cold calling to find suitable prospects for your product(s), then chances are you are making a butt load of phone calls on a daily basis.

In the financial services arena, every “yes” over the phone comes with a bunch of “no’s". Therefore it is super important that you have the ability to make a ridiculously large amount of calls in a relatively short amount of time. You don't have time to listen to answering machines or stay on the phone waiting for folks’ phones to ring five, six, seven times.

What if you had the ability to make a bunch of calls at one time and then once an actual human being answers the phone then and only then are you connected? What if you could call 500 prospects in one hour? Yes you can! You just need a predictive dialer or power dialer. A predictive dialer is a software application that allows you to upload a bunch of names and numbers, then calls many of those contacts at a time and only connects you when someone actually answers the phone. There are many power dialers out there. We have identified a few that we think are just awesome:

Ytel is a Foothill Ranch, CA-based firm that provides cloud call center solutions. The company was founded by Nick Newsom. Ytel has two main predictive dialer solutions; SimpleDial and X5. Smaller operators might want to start by using their SimpleDial app first as it easy to use and very cost-effective, whereas medium to large sized firms will likely prefer the x5 solution, as it is scalable and comes with several advanced monitoring and call routing configurations. The platform is also mature and in its fifth iteration, incorporating features and lessons learned from previous versions to provide a very functional, logical, intuitive system. Pricing ranges from $110-$160 per month depending on the size of your sales team.

What we love about Ytel

Full disclosure: We do use Ytel products here at Salesfully and absolutely love them. We like their flat pricing model and I gotta say, the company has by far the best customer support I have ever seen in any organization. Their system has a 99.9% Uptime average and they offer 24/7 customer support.

Free Trial: No

Pricing; $110 to $165/mo


This virtual call center is VOIP-based, hosted, and is one of the biggest names in the market. Five 9 lets you choose from 4 slightly different options: predictive dialer, power dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialer modes. They also put a big emphasis on social media with their contact center. Five 9 is a SalesForce channel partner and went public recently.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing; $165 to $175/mo/agent


EVS7 has been in the industry for over 20 years as an established name and offer a variety of solutions. Most recently, the Parrot Predictive Dialer & Cloud Contact Center allows call centers to scale quickly and dial up to 5 lines per agent all from the cloud. The Dolphin Power Seller has extensive features for a power dialer including email marketing, warm transfers, call monitoring and coaching, click to call, and more.

Their inside sales solution offers a host of robust CRM tools that rivals SalesForce with features such as marketing automation along with click to call. EVS7 is one of most affordable options out there and is packed full of features and comes with an extensive training videos library.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing; $89 to $129/mo/agent



RedCloud offers a predictive dialer at $200/seat. It is a cloud based solution that provides you the power and capacity of a dedicated cluster server. RedCloud is customizable, which is great if you have a unique process or workflow and you want your power dialer to accommodate you, and not the other way around. The service is fine for either independent, home based consultants or small and medium sized companies. Large companies may want something with a more robust CRM.

Free trial: $1 for 200 minutes

Pricing; $125 to $625/mo/agent



This cloud call center also known as Agency Dialer, is built to integrate and work with your internal CRM. This solution can make up to 90 calls per hour. Monthly power dialer plans start at $60 per month and top out at $150 per month for unlimited calls.

Free trial: No

Pricing; $59.99 to $150/mo/agent



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