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How To Close More Deals: 3 Proven Tips

It’s often the case in sales. You get in front of a great prospect and give them the mother of all pitches. They loved the presentation, they need the product or service…. Hell they can afford it, but for some reason the deal just stalls?

This is a pretty common phenomenon. A lot marketers and sales professionals deal with sales cases that, for one reason or the other refuse to close. You try every trick and tactic in your arsenal but nothing seems to get these deals out of your pipeline,one way or the other..

So what do you do?

Below are 3 tips that can help move deals along in your sales pipeline.

1. Present real time value

Prospective customers are often reluctant to place high priority on the need to acquire your product or service if they do not see an immediate need for your offering(s). A hungry person sees more value in food at time of hunger. Research any current issues or business challenges your prospect is having and present your product or service as a solution.

2. Offer a trial period or discount

The free trial or promotional discount is a great tool to get your prospects to buy into your product with minimal risk. Have them enjoy the full or limited benefits of your product for a limited period of time. Take this opportunity to impress your prospects. Show them the overall value of your offerings, then make it easy for the prospect to transition into a paying customer.

3. Be a resource

One sure way to help increase the percentage of prospects that make it through your sales pipeline is to try to become a great resource for your prospects. Study their businesses or line of work and provide useful information to help make their businesses run smoother. Becoming a useful resource for your prospects will help increase the number of times they interact with you or your brand, thus increasing your chances to illustrate deep value.


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