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5 Best CPM Advertising Platforms For Bloggers

Conventional wisdom suggests that one of the most effective ways to generate income from your blog content is by serving-up relevant advertising. This is a tried and tested way to extract recurring income from all the hard work invested in building and popularizing your blog.

When it comes to showing ads on your blog, there are several models out there you can explore, with each having its own pros and cons.

There are ad-types that will payout when a visitor to your blog clicks on the displayed advertisement, the ad can be a banner, a link, etc. Some ads will pay you when your blog visitor actually purchases something of value. There are ads that pay you based on the amount of streaming video time showed to your users. Some ads even pay for the collection of an email address from your blog user.

For bloggers looking for the simplest way to generate income, there is the kind of advertisement scheme in which you get paid per every one thousand ad impressions showed on your blog. This type of arrangement is known as Cost Per Thousand or CPM. This type of ad platform is great for bloggers who have built a nice flow of traffic and are looking for simple ad arrangements to help monetize their blog.

These types of ads also come with very easy-to-understand revenue and performance reporting. CPM advertising is truly a "No drama" way to generate ad revenue from your blog.

Here is a list of the five most popular CPM Advertising platforms with the highest payouts.

1) is a premium CPM platform used by companies like Microsoft's Bing, Yahoo, Forbes, etc. They have a very simple interface and even easier-to-use reporting panel. I have used in the past and continue to use the platform even today.

The company has over 1000 employees with offices spread across New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Zurich. Publishers can now use the platform to create and customize ad units that display text ads from across the Yahoo! Bing Network.


2) Synacor Media Founded in 1998, Synacor is the trusted technology development, multi platform services and revenue partner for video, internet and communications providers, device manufacturers, and enterprises. Synacor delivers modern, multi screen experiences and advertising to their consumers that require scale, actionable data and sophisticated implementation.

Reaching 120 million monthly visitors, 120 service providers, 3500 enterprises, 500 million email boxes and more than 1000 web publishers, their suite of multi screen products and platforms and their advertising inventory provide a targeted means of extending your brand and boosting your revenues.


3) Criteo The Criteo platform has quickly gained considerable traction in the past 5 years and has become a top earner for blog publishers everywhere. With over 740 billion ads served to date and impressive 7800+ advertisers across the globe, Criteo is placed perfectly to offer blog owners ads with high CPM and great conversions.

Criteo presents bloggers and content publishers with a unique opportunity to make the most of current and older content with multiple platform capabilities and bespoke ad programs to support any set of goals.


4) Adtegrity Their platform allows Niche bloggers to specifically target users with common interests. Adtegrity provides a blogger with various payout and advertising verticals to choose from.

Founded in 1999, Adtegrity mixes together best-in-class technology, personality, and a competitive spirit to form a digital solutions provider that does things differently. In order to be able to use their platform, half of your blog’s monthly traffic must originate from the US, and you also need 50,000 monthly visitors to be eligible for Adtegrity.


5) Adblade This is one of the oldest CPM platforms around. Adblade is a great fit for non-niche bloggers. Adblade provides bloggers with one of the highest payouts in the marketplace. Their technology provides strong sales controls, robust reporting and drives revenue. Adblade's network seamlessly integrates with any design to offer your audience a high quality user experience. Start earning industry leading CPMs today!


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