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7 Reasons Why 2023 Is Going to Be Google’s Year

Google's Stable Boat in the Sea of Digital Marketing Tsunamis

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Hello there, dear reader! Full disclosure: we're as invested in Google as Eliza Scarlet is in solving mysteries in "Miss Scarlet and The Duke". If you're not familiar with that reference, let's just say we're as eager for Google's success as a detective is for closing cases. But don't worry, this article is as much about humor as it is about serious business.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, where costs are rising faster than Eliza’s reputation in Victorian London, advertisers are seeking a reliable partner. Someone mature, experienced, and with a top hat full of tricks. Enter Google, our Sherlock Holmes in this online game of Thrones.

Let's dive into Google's latest financial report, shall we?

Oh, the thrill! It’s like unwrapping a Victorian-era parcel without a single clue of what’s inside. Google has an impressive portfolio of revenue streams, making them more diversified than the accents in the Duke's police station.

Google’s Q1 earnings were $1.17 per share, beating the expected $1.07 per share, according to Refinitiv. It's like finding an extra shilling in your pocket - always a pleasant surprise! Their revenue also surpassed expectations, bringing in $69.79 billion versus the predicted $68.9 billion.

This breaks a string of four quarters where Google played the role of an underdog, not quite meeting consensus estimates. It seems 2023 is shaping up to be the season of plot twists!

YouTube advertising revenue is also on the rise, hitting $6.69 billion versus the expected $6.6 billion.

It's all about ads

Their main cash cow, however, remains advertising. And with the trusty sidekick, Search Labs, Google's advertising is set to become as precise as the Duke's aim. This new tool, launched in 2023, allows advertisers to test and implement new features in real-time, changing the game like an unexpected plot twist in our favorite detective series.

But there’s more! AI is making Google's advertising more affordable and efficient, ensuring even the smallest businesses can afford to advertise, unlike certain other platforms (cough, Twitter, cough). This AI touch means ads will be as well-targeted as Eliza's sharp witticisms.

Speaking of Twitter, let's talk about the peculiar changes brought about by the tech world's very own Moriarty - Elon Musk. Preventing businesses from running ads unless they sign up and pay for checkmarks is like telling Eliza she can’t investigate unless she's wearing a petticoat. It's just not cricket!

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook is no different. His changes are driving away even the smallest advertisers like they've spotted the Duke in a bathhouse. These platforms seem to forget how important small businesses are. They're the lifeblood, the everyday people, the Victorian London to their digital world.

So, dear reader, as we see the digital marketing landscape evolve like a serialized novel, 2023 looks set to be Google's year. They have the financial stability of Inspector Wellington, the innovative spirit of Eliza Scarlet, and the charm of the Duke to keep both small and large advertisers on their side.

In conclusion, while we might be as biased as Mrs. Parker when it comes to Eliza's cases, we're convinced that Google is the mature partner advertisers need in these tumultuous times. As for us investors, well, we're simply enjoying the thrilling ride as much as a new episode of "Miss Scarlet and The Duke".



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