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Aisha “Pinky” Cole: " I have no culinary skill. I learned how to bring people together through food"

The Baltimore, Maryland native and Slutty Vegan's CEO sat down with Forbes recently to talk about her latest $25 Million fundraising efforts, her drive as an entrepreneur, her Jamaican roots, and more.

Aisha “Pinky” Cole is a busy woman. The founder and CEO of vegan burger chain Slutty Vegan now has products ranging from kettle chips to CBD gummies, not to mention a shoe deal, a foundation, and an upcoming cookbook (Eat Plants Bitch).

In addition, Cole says a major grocery chain has ordered 60,000 units of Slutty Vegan dip, which comes in flavors like Bangin’ Hot-Lanta Chik’n and has already been on shelves at Target. And Cole is expanding beyond the Atlanta-based chain’s five stores into markets like Brooklyn and Baltimore. She says her goal is “to build a billion-dollar brand.” Keep reading



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