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How to Make People Love Your Subscription Box

According to recent studies, subscription box services have witnessed an average annual growth rate of over 100%, demonstrating the remarkable potential of this business model.

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So you want to start a cool subscription box business? Awesome! But, like, how do you get people to love it? No worries, we're here to help. Imagine you have this magical plan that makes everyone go, "Wow, I need that box!" Here's how to create that plan.

According to recent studies, subscription box services have witnessed an average annual growth rate of over 100%, demonstrating the remarkable potential of this business model.

1. Know Who You Want to Surprise

First, think about the people you want to make happy with your surprise boxes. Do you want to surprise adults or kids? Girls or boys? People who love fashion or maybe people who love sports? This helps you understand who your surprise boxes are for.

2. Say Why Your Surprise Box is the Best

Imagine you have a special secret that makes your surprise box better than others. Maybe you have really cool things inside or you know what people like. That's what makes your surprise box special., for example, is super special because they send nice perfumes and colognes for both guys and girls.

3. Choose How You'll Surprise Them

You can choose how often you want to send your surprise boxes. Is it every month, every three months, or maybe just once a year? You can also decide how much people need to pay for your surprise box. Some people might want to pay a little, and some might want to pay more for bigger surprises. does this too, sending perfumes and colognes every month to people who love nice smells.

Research indicates that 71% of subscribers stay loyal to a brand for more than two years, highlighting the value of cultivating a dedicated customer base through effective subscription box marketing strategies.

4. Make a Cool Website

You need a special place on the internet where people can learn about your surprise box. It's like a shop, but online. You can show pictures of what's inside your surprise box and tell people why they should get it. has a website where they show all the nice perfumes and colognes they send.

5. Tell Everyone on Social Media

Lots of people like using Facebook, Instagram, and other places online. You can tell them about your surprise box there. You can show them pictures and talk to them. also does this. They post pictures of their perfumes and colognes on Instagram and tell people why they're awesome.

6. Send Emails That Are Fun

Emails are like online letters. You can write emails to people and tell them about your surprise box. You can also send them pictures and maybe even a little present like a discount. sends emails to people and says, "Hey, do you want to smell nice? We have great perfumes and colognes just for you!"

A survey of online shoppers revealed that 55% of them have subscribed to a subscription box service, showcasing the widespread appeal of this convenient and curated shopping experience.

7. Ask People to Help You

Sometimes, friends or famous people can help you tell more people about your surprise box. They can talk about it and show it to their friends. might ask a famous person who loves nice smells to talk about their perfumes and colognes.

8. Look at What's Working

You need to see if lots of people are excited about your surprise box or not. Look at things like how many people come to your website, how many sign up for your surprise box, and what they say. checks if people like their perfumes and colognes by looking at how many people keep getting them.

9. Make People Really Happy

When people get your surprise box, make sure they're super happy with it. If they're happy, they might want more surprise boxes in the future. makes people happy with nice perfumes and colognes, so they keep getting them every month.

10. Keep Learning and Changing

Remember, things might change, and you can learn new ways to make your surprise box even better. Pay attention to what people like and try new things. also tries to learn what people like the most and then makes their surprise boxes even more awesome.

Making a plan to tell people about your surprise box is like making a treasure map., which sends perfumes and colognes for guys and girls every month, shows us how to do it. Just remember to know who you're surprising, tell them why your surprise box is the best, and use the internet to show everyone how awesome it is. If you follow these steps, you can make your surprise box a big hit!

Disclaimer: Ownership and Affiliation

We would like to bring to your attention that, the example used in this article to illustrate various aspects of a subscription box service, is owned by Corvus Web Services. Corvus Web Services is also the parent company of The inclusion of as an example is solely for educational purposes and to provide a practical context for understanding the concepts discussed in the article.

The intention of using as an example is not to promote or endorse any specific company or service. The insights provided in this article apply universally to the process of building a successful sales and marketing plan for any subscription box service, regardless of ownership or affiliation.

We recommend that readers focus on the general principles and strategies outlined in this article to develop their own unique and effective sales and marketing plans tailored to their specific subscription box ventures. The information shared here is intended to be informative and educational, and readers should exercise their own judgment and discretion when implementing these strategies in their business endeavors.



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