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Los Angeles-Based Bonfire Ventures Sets Sights on Seattle's B2B Startup Ecosystem

Prominent Venture Firm Looks to Tap into the Flourishing Business-to-Business Startups in Seattle's Thriving Tech Hub.

Bonfire Ventures

Jim Andelman, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Los Angeles-based venture firm Bonfire Ventures has announced its intentions to target Seattle's bustling business-to-business (B2B) startup scene for potential investments. The firm, known for its focus on early-stage B2B software investments, is looking to capitalize on the rapid growth and innovation found in the Emerald City.

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Seattle has long been recognized as a thriving tech hub, with industry giants such as Amazon and Microsoft calling the city home. More recently, the city has seen a surge in B2B startup activity, attracting significant attention from investors across the country. This burgeoning market provides fertile ground for venture firms like Bonfire Ventures to explore new opportunities.

Bonfire Ventures, founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and investors Jim Andelman and Mark Mullen, has a track record of backing successful B2B companies. Its portfolio includes companies like Appify, which simplifies enterprise app development, and warehouse automation provider IAM Robotics. By expanding into Seattle, the firm aims to extend its reach and support the region's promising B2B startups.

early-stage investments

The decision to target Seattle's B2B startup ecosystem is a strategic one, as the city has cultivated a supportive environment for new ventures. In addition to established industry leaders, the area boasts a wealth of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces, offering resources and networking opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

As Bonfire Ventures sets its sights on Seattle, local B2B startups stand to benefit from the firm's expertise and resources. By investing in the city's promising tech scene, the venture firm hopes to continue its tradition of fostering the next generation of innovative B2B solutions.



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