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Thriving as a Mompreneur: 10 Proven Strategies for Balancing Startups and Motherhood

Discover how to seamlessly manage your dual role as a mother and entrepreneur with practical advice and inspiring real-life examples.


Mompreneurs are a growing force in the entrepreneurial world, merging the demanding roles of motherhood with the challenges of starting and running a business. Despite the juggling act, many women have found ways to excel in both arenas. This article provides ten actionable tips to help mompreneurs thrive, backed by statistics and real-life case studies.


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1. Set Realistic Goals

Setting achievable goals helps maintain focus and reduces overwhelm. Jessica Alba’s Honest Company provides a stellar example; she grew her business while balancing family life by setting clear, realistic objectives.

2. Embrace Flexible Work Hours

Flexibility is key to managing family and business. Tools like Google Calendar can help you integrate professional and personal schedules effectively.

3. Outsource and Delegate

Delegating tasks is essential. Successful mompreneur, Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels, advises outsourcing non-core activities to focus on what you do best.

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4. Network with Other Mompreneurs

Networking provides support and valuable business connections. Websites like offer community support and resources.

5. Invest in Self-Care

Taking care of yourself improves your effectiveness as a business leader. A weekly yoga class or regular walks can greatly reduce stress.

6. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Leverage technology to streamline tasks. Apps like Slack for communication and Asana for project management can save precious time.

7. Educate Yourself Continuously

Stay updated with your industry trends. Online platforms like Coursera offer courses that fit into a busy mom’s schedule.

8. Prioritize Customer Relationships

Building strong relationships with customers ensures repeat business. Use social media tools like Facebook and Instagram to keep engaged with your customer base.

9. Create a Kid-Friendly Workspace

If possible, integrate a small play area in your workspace. This setup was a game-changer for Sarah Wells of Sarah Wells Bags.

10. Maintain a Positive Outlook

A positive mindset can make all the difference. Inspirational podcasts like ‘How I Built This’ can be a great motivational boost.

Case Study Highlight:

Susan Petersen, CEO of Freshly Picked, began by making baby moccasins from scrap leather she bought at yard sales. Balancing motherhood with her business, she scaled her company to a multimillion-dollar enterprise featured on "Shark Tank."

Balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood is no easy feat, but it’s certainly possible with the right strategies and support. For more resources and inspiration, visit and Forbes Women. These sites offer invaluable advice and success stories of women who are making it work.



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