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Top 3 GIS Application Built Specifically For Small Business Owners and Marketers

Although most small business owners have, over the years become masters at generating new business, most do not pay much attention to the analytical aspects of customer acquisition. For the most part, as small business owners, we have identified a few steps that usually lead to sales. We place an ad in the paper announcing a promotion, we devote some marketing dollars to a descent Facebook ad, etc.

Most of us have no idea which customer segments are the best fit for our products, where these potential customers live, what inspires them to buy and what their purchasing power is.

Realizing and understanding where your prospective customers are can be critically important to the growth of your business. Knowing which customer segments best respond to your products and where those types of customers are located can help reduce marketing costs, help craft marketing language that best fits them, Help determine which geographical areas are best suited for a new store or restaurant location, etc.

If you are the operator of a retail location and investigating where to open your next location, for example, you probably want to locate in a high-traffic area that the competition hasn't discovered yet. Your business can greatly benefit from the use of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application.

It is pretty hard, at first glance to see how a GIS app. can help your small business. Due to the share broadness of this space, one can easily get lost in all the industry terms and all the data coming at you, once you start to do some research.

For this reason we have identified a few GIS Application that are designed to specifically address the needs of small business owners, sales professionals, and marketers.


IdealSpot provides a variety of industries--retail, restaurants, commercial real estate, property development--all the necessary information and tools to successfully find and evaluate locations. We are passionate about making data accessible and actionable so you can quickly make informed decisions and grow your business.


Maptitude Geographic Information System (GIS) software gives you the tools, maps, and demographic data you need to analyze and understand how geography affects you and your business. Every day you have to contend with spreadsheets and databases filled with vast amounts of customer, employee, sales, facility, and territory data. With Maptitude mapping software you can visualize data in new and different ways, unearth geographic patterns hidden in your data, and convey that information in a straightforward manner.


With Maptive, you can transform raw location data into a beautiful, customized Google map in only a matter of seconds. It’s the best way to easily make sense of your raw data and quickly get the answers and clarity you need.


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