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Exporting Sales data from your account.

Salesfully makes it easy to search a database of millions of businesses and consumers in the United States.

Salesfully is a sales lead generation and prospecting tool that allows users to access business data, including contact information for potential customers. To export sales leads with Salesfully, follow these steps:

1.Log in to your Salesfully account.

2. Select which type of leads you are looking for.

3. Select your State first and allow the total amount of leads to populate.

From this point, you can simply move forward to export your data or further filter down your data to pinpoint a more targeted data file.

Be sure the click the "Update Count' button after each new filter selection.

4. Click on the "View Leads" button to move to the download page.

5. Use the dropdown menu to select your desired leads in batches of 10k. Once a batch is selected, simply click the "Download' button to export your data in CSV format.



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