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Helicity Space's $5M Milestone for Faster Deep Space Travel

Revolutionizing Space Travel: How Helicity Space's Fusion Propulsion Tech is Setting the Stage for Speedier Deep Space Journeys

Helicity Space

Helicity Space, a pioneering aerospace startup, recently secured a substantial $5 million in seed funding, marking a significant stride towards realizing faster and more efficient deep space travel. This funding is set to accelerate the development of their cutting-edge technology - fusion propulsion, a concept that once resided only in the realms of science fiction.

Founded in 2018 by plasma physicist Setthivoine You, alongside CEO Stephane Lintner and former Boeing-Rocketdyne executive Marta Calvo, Helicity Space has been working diligently to bring this innovative concept to life​​.

Lintner, in a recent interview, revealed the cautious approach the company took in its early years, emphasizing the importance of being thoroughly prepared before seeking venture capital investment for such a groundbreaking project​​.

The Pasadena-based company garnered attention and investment from a notable consortium, including Airbus Ventures, Voyager Space Holdings, and Urania Ventures, among others. This backing not only validates the potential of Helicity Space's vision but also underlines the growing interest in advanced space technologies​​.

Helicity Space sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on fusion propulsion for space travel, as opposed to terrestrial applications. Lintner explains that their technology is particularly suited for space, which provides the perfect vacuum environment for plasma jets, a key component of their fusion propulsion system​​.

The core of their technology lies in magneto-inertial fusion. This method involves compressing stable plasma jets using a magnetic nozzle, which then heats the plasma to extreme temperatures, triggering a fusion reaction. This reaction propels the spaceship forward, a fundamental principle for rapid deep space travel​​.

With this fresh infusion of capital, Helicity Space aims to develop a proof-of-concept fusion drive. This initial phase is crucial for demonstrating the technology on a smaller scale. Looking ahead, the company envisions having a full-scale prototype operational in space within the next decade, a timeline that speaks volumes about the pace and ambition of this venture​​.



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