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The Folklore’s $3.4M Funding Boost to Link Retailers with Emerging Market Brands

Discover how The Folklore’s innovative platform is reshaping the way retailers connect with vibrant brands from emerging markets.

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The Folklore, a groundbreaking platform founded by Amira Rasool in 2018, has recently secured $3.4 million in seed funding to expand its B2B marketplace and wholesale management software. This investment aims to propel the connection between global retailers and vibrant brands from emerging markets such as Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, transforming the way these brands access international markets.


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The Evolution of The Folklore:

Originally established as a direct-to-consumer retailer, The Folklore pivoted to a B2B model in 2022, launching 'The Folklore Connect'. This platform serves as a nexus for brands to interact directly with major retailers like Nordstrom, providing a structured pathway for brands to scale and penetrate global markets. This strategic shift has not only widened the platform’s reach but also diversified its offerings to include beauty, health, and wellness sectors​.

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Innovative Features and Expansion:

The recent funding round led by Benchstrength and other participants like Techstars and Black Tech Nation Ventures has empowered The Folklore to introduce additional services tailored to the specific needs of emerging brands. Among these, The Folklore Capital offers crucial financial support, providing loans to brands needing upfront capital for large orders.

Moreover, The Folklore Hub and The Folklore Source are designed to offer educational resources and access to vetted talent, further supporting brands in their operational and strategic endeavors​.

Community and Impact:

A core component of The Folklore’s mission is building a supportive community for brands. The platform organizes regular community events, webinars, and workshops that are crucial for networking and continuous learning.

These initiatives are vital in fostering a collaborative environment that enables brands to thrive and grow sustainably in the competitive global marketplace.


The Folklore's innovative approach not only bridges the gap between global retailers and brands from emerging markets but also actively contributes to the economic empowerment of these brands.

By providing both the platform and the necessary resources, The Folklore is setting a new standard in the industry. For further insights and to become a part of this vibrant community, visit The Folklore.



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