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The Three Main Areas of Value Proposition for Entrepreneurs in the SaaS Space.

How to Build a Successful SaaS Product That Appeals to Your Target Audience through Value, Ease of Use, and Convenience.

SaaS products have become a staple in today's business world, providing solutions to an array of problems faced by different industries. As an entrepreneur in the SaaS space, building a product that appeals to your target audience is crucial.

However, it is important to note that the appeal and adoption of any SaaS product has more to do with the audience than the features of the product. According to a report by PWC, 73% of consumers point to customer experience as an essential factor in their purchasing decisions.

The question then becomes, how do you build a product that appeals to your target audience? There are three main areas of value proposition that entrepreneurs in the SaaS space can focus on:

True Value

This is all about offering more for less. Is your product cheaper to access compared to others in the market? Do you offer more features and benefits for the same price? For example, Apple products are typically more expensive than their competitors, but customers are willing to pay more because of the added value in terms of design, support, and overall user experience.

Ease of Use

This is all about making it easy for customers to extract the benefits of your product. Canva is a great example of a company that did not change the game on graphic design, but rather made it easier for non-techies to build quality digital assets.

By simplifying the design process, Canva has made it possible for people without a design background to create professional-looking graphics, making it a go-to tool for businesses of all sizes.


This is all about how easy it is to access your product. Can customers access your product quickly and easily? The concept of drive-thrus is a great example of how convenience can be the edge you need as far as your specific user base goes.

By providing a fast and efficient way for customers to access your product, you can make it more appealing to busy individuals who do not have the time to wait in long lines or navigate complex systems.


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