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Co Registration Advertising 101

Co-registration advertising can be a great way to grow your email opt-ins independently of your website opt-ins. Co-registration is advertising on other websites “thank you” messages after subscribers sign up for those companies mailing list. When you join a co-registration advertising network, your offer is presented on a list with other companies that are part of the advertising network. If your company’s offer is selected and submitted, the network provides the new subscriber’s contact information for you to add to your own mailing list.

Examples of Co-registration networks


Based in New York, Opt-Intelligence is one of the biggest players in this space. Their lineup of publishers includes some of the largest content publishers in the world, as well as smaller curated sites.

Sites like the New York times and The Wall Street Journal are among their customers.

Another notable C0-registration network is CoreMedia. One of the best things about them is that they allow advertisers to terminate with only a 24-hour notice. Other publishers have long-term contracts with their advertisers. The boast a lineup of over 1000 advertisers including Walmart, Kohls and Nokia.

Choosing A Network

When choosing a co-registration advertising network, ask for their list of sites and select only those websites within your industry and/or complimentary to your business. Your goal is to gain quality subscribers. Sign-ups from unrelated sites or irrelevant to your industry, may be less likely to engage with your content. The cost per sign-up can range from $1-$5, so it’s wise to sharpen the focus of your co-registration advertising campaign by monitoring on a per-site and a per- advertising network basis. Be sure to keep track of the specific source of your new subscribers and whittle away nonperforming sites and networks.

While evaluating the performance of a co-registration site or advertising campaign ask yourself:

1. Are these third-party subscribers as engaged as subscribers from my own site?

2. Do these subscribers open emails at a comparable rate?

3. Do these subscribers click through my email links as much as my subscribers do?

4. Do the subscribers purchase my products, or services at a favorable rate?

Remember the expenses of ongoing co-registration advertising campaigns will stack up; so, eliminate nonperforming sites and advertising networks.


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