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Top 5 Email Opt-In Form Plugins

Opt-in form plugins are great for designing and placing opt-in forms on your website or blog. If you market using email, many plugins have been developed that are compatible with the major content management systems like WordPress. Depending on your needs, these plugins templates will assist you in customizing your own email opt-in forms by producing CSS, HTML, Java Script needed to run your opt-in forms. Most plug-ins integrate well with popular email service , providers (ESP) allowing new sign-ups to be added to your mailing list almost seamlessly. Below are the top 5 email opt in form plugins.

  1. Opt in Monster (

-can insert various types of opt-ins on your site.

-Integrates with all content management systems (e.g wordpress, blogger)

-Integrates with most email service providers(ESP) e.g Mailchimp, constant contact, Aweber

-Allows custom messaging per page or category

Pricing: currently Opt-in Monster charges a monthly subscription fee of $9 to $29

2. SumoMe List Builder (

-Can be added to any website

- Is a highly customizable list building script that can work either as an entry or an exit pop-up

-Integrates with most major ESP’s (email service providers)

Pricing: Currently SummoMe is a free premium service for basic services, advanced

Features can run to $99 a month.

3. Optin Cat (

-Is a wordpress plugin created by fatcat Apps

-enables the addition of pop-ups, sidebar widgets, post-box forms (these can be inserted inside or below or a page), and 2 step- forms

- Pop-ups possess highly customizable targeting capabilities (options based on measurable traffic stats such as page views, time spent on page, category etc)

- Customize message content by category

Pricing: Currently $59 one time fee.

4. Opt-in Revolution (

- Is a wordpress plugin that creates entry or exit pop-ups

- Is compatible with major email service providers

- Has integrated split testing tools

- Allows integration of video and other media directly into optin forms

Pricing: $77 one time fee

5. Hello Bar (

- Allows you to integrate the Hello Bar with entr pop ups, scroll boxes or the

Website’s welcome page.

- Forms can be customized and are mobile-friendly

- Forms can be customized and are mobile- friendly

- Does not Integrate with any Email service Providers (ESP)


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