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Cigna's Bold Move: Expanding ACA Marketplace Plans in North Carolina

A Golden Opportunity for Health Insurance Sales Agents

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Cigna Healthcare, a prominent name in the medical insurance industry, has announced exciting news that stands to reshape the Affordable Care Act (ACA) landscape in North Carolina in 2024.

A Focus on North Carolina

Expanding their ACA Marketplace plans, Cigna is setting sights on 15 counties primarily surrounding the Charlotte and Winston-Salem regions. This bold move is poised to offer an additional 200,000 ACA Marketplace customers access to Cigna's comprehensive health plans. As health insurance sales agents, this creates a ripe opportunity to tap into a vast and growing market.

More Than Just Basic Coverage

Cigna is not merely offering insurance; it's providing an ecosystem of health benefits designed to fit the modern patient. Their plans boast:

  • 24/7 virtual medical and behavioral health care, making consultations just a click away.

  • Incentives for healthy behaviors, rewarding customers for taking proactive steps towards their well-being.

  • Affordable prescription medications, ensuring that treatment doesn't burn a hole in one's pocket.

Cigna's Trail of Expansion

The North Carolina expansion isn't a standalone endeavor. In 2023, Cigna broadened its Medicare Advantage plans to cater to a diverse range of areas, including:

  • New York City, NY

  • Asheville, NC

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Corpus Christi, TX

  • Jacksonville, FL

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Richmond, VA

With a footprint now spanning 12 states, from the sunny coasts of California to the bustling cities of Texas, Cigna's growth trajectory is evident.

Seize the Opportunity

For health insurance sales agents, Cigna's expansion is an unmissable opportunity. With a larger coverage area and enhanced plans, the potential for sales and partnerships has never looked brighter.

However, while the horizon seems promising, it's essential to navigate it wisely. This article is not professional financial advice. Before making any decisions or recommendations, consulting with a financial advisor about specific circumstances is always the best course of action.


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