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Creator CRM Powerhouse, Pico, Rebrands to Hype, Secures $10M Funding

Hype raises $10 million in Series B funding round to expand its creator economy platform

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In a significant move for the creator economy, customer relationship management (CRM) company Pico has officially rebranded to Hype and announced the successful completion of its Series B funding round, raising $10 million.

The investment will be used to expand the platform's tools, features, and global reach, empowering content creators to better engage with their audiences and drive monetization.

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Hype, previously known as Pico, has been at the forefront of the creator economy revolution, providing a comprehensive CRM platform that enables creators to build, engage, and monetize their audiences across various platforms. The rebranding and funding round solidify Hype's commitment to providing creators with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

The Series B funding round was led by venture capital firm XYZ Capital, with participation from existing investors such as ABC Ventures and DEF Partners. This latest investment brings Hype's total funding to over $20 million, indicating strong support and confidence in the platform's potential for growth.


As part of its ongoing expansion efforts, Hype plans to utilize the new funding to enhance its suite of creator economy tools, with a focus on improving audience engagement, analytics, and monetization capabilities. Additionally, the company aims to expand its global footprint, bringing its innovative CRM solutions to creators in various markets worldwide.

"Hype is dedicated to empowering creators by providing them with the tools they need to build, engage, and monetize their audiences effectively," said Hype CEO Jane Doe. "This new funding and our rebranding are important milestones that will enable us to continue innovating and supporting the creator economy."

Hype's platform offers creators an all-in-one solution for managing their audience, including essential features such as email marketing, analytics, and audience segmentation. By integrating with popular social media and content platforms, Hype allows creators to streamline their workflows and focus on creating high-quality content.

Creators using the Hype platform have experienced significant growth in audience engagement and revenue generation. As the creator economy continues to evolve, Hype's commitment to innovation and expansion will undoubtedly help it maintain its position as a leading CRM provider in this rapidly growing market.

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